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"...On a personal note, this is the sort of band that I've always loved and loved and loved and loved ...  They reminded me of when I was little ... my father used to take me to the Hershey Starlight Ballroom in Pennsylvania where I would hear the Count Basie Band or the Duke Ellington Band and this is what they remind me of ..."

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John Hoffman

Festival Patron

2019 Brisbane Big Band Festival

At the 2018 Brisbane Big Band Festival, where the band received a standing ovation at the conclusion of its performance, John Morrison summed up the band as "...the real thing ..."

John Morrison

Festival Patron

2018 Brisbane Big Band Festival

"What a band! Sweet Thunder really entertained a sold-out crowd  when they first appeared at our club. So professional, with a no-fuss attitude, top-notch players and a terrific repertoire that includes lots of great dance tunes.  They clearly love what they do and they share that enthusiasm with the crowd.  I recommend them without reservation; we couldn't wait to book them back."

Julie Walker, President

Sunshine Coast Jazz Club

"Thank you Rick and each and every one of you for an extraordinary night of music. It was a sell out show and the audience were WOWED!!! Look forward to the next time!!."

"Each and every musician on the stage projected the joy of playing great music to the full-house audience and the audience in return, loved it!!!

Nikki Murphy

Gold Coast Jazz & Blues Club